Berlin on SE Bybee Portland Oregon

I love high-waisted shorts and belts. I pretty much always wear a belt, usually a red belt. I like to mix my jewelry metals as well.
Berlin, student of art history

sunglasses: Ray Ban
rings: Grandma's
top: thrifted
shorts: thrifted Jordache and cut off by Berlin
boots: Steve Madden
backpack: Jansport
belt: thrifted


  1. I can see the art history influce in Berlin's style; not only is she classically beautiful, the first impression is on of her flow, from her cascading, shoulder-caressing hair, through her knee-bent shoulder-dipped pose, she could just as easily be standing precisely as she is here, with that knowing, slight smile, draped in wind-blown silk captured in an oil by William Adolphe

  2. She is cute. I love the boots/shorts combo.

    I also love the people sitting on the bench in the background. haha. A taste of reality. Just a little, "This is Street Style!"

    Good one, Lisa. :)