Anna on NE Failing St, Portland Oregon

I like to feel pulled together. I'm not afraid to mix color and pattern. I'm an artist and a mom so my clothes need to function for my lifestyle. My style tends toward bohemian. I sometimes look like a little Urban Red Riding-hood.
Anna Joyce, designer/owner Anna Joyce

necklace: Kate Spade
earrings: from Haunt
tank: J. Crew
sweater: Yoon
belt: Anthropologie
skirt: Madewell
shoes: Frye
 Kate Spade bag: thrifted


  1. What a lovely ensemble! She has a great haircut, too!

  2. anna looks so darn adorable! her smile is the best part :)


  3. Gorgeous!! So, I am coming to Portland for a short little trip and would love to meet up!! And, would to pick your brain about camera stuff etc and/or follow you for a day hehe! XO!

  4. What a pretty smile. Of course the outfit is adorable too.

  5. love the outfit :) I'm always afraid to mix colours!


  6. These are so great of Anna! And "I'm not afraid to mix color and pattern" is so true of her creative work, too.

  7. Loving skirts that button down the front this summer! Those are great colors too. I wish I could wear sweaters in summer here!

  8. those are some great shoes! button down skirts are so cute this summer. and easy to put on as well!

  9. So cute! I could spot that Madewell skirt from a mile away. I've been lusting after it for a while.

  10. She is so lovely! And I like her comment about looking like an urban red riding hood- I've definitely seen a lot of fairy tale inspired ensembles lately.