Kate on SE Pine St, Portland Oregon

I look for color and good quality basic. I like some wacky but I can't do 100% wacky, I've got to balance it.
Kate Bingaman-Burt, assistant professor of graphic design and illustrator

sweater: thrifted in Nebraska
top: thrifted in Mississippi, vintage 1940's
skirt: thrifted in Alabama
shoes: Bass
brooch: antique
watch: grandma's
rings: great grandma's wedding ring
bike: Nada Bike

Robin on SE 28th Portland Oregon

My style is festive and feminine. I like to juxtapose modern with classic and I usually wear something white or bright.
Robin, owner Holiday Hair Studio

necklace: gift
shirt: Hazel
jeans: Page
shoes: Nine West
belt: Nokomis
bag: Samsari
sunglasses: Ray Ban

by Lisa Warninger

Jeremy on SE Stark, Portland Oregon

I tend to wear a lot of layers. I grew up in Texas in a warm climate, so I'm notoriously cold in the Pacific Northwest. Having the ability to easily acclimate to the temperature is a very utilitarian approach.
Jeremy, co-official thing maker at OMFG Co.

hat: Kangol
scarf: from Berlin
 shirt: vintage Wrangler
t-shirt: OMFG Co.
hoodie: BDG
jacket: vintage Cuir Veritable from Berlin
jeans: APC
socks: Andy & Bax
boots: Timberland
gloves: army issue

Featured this spring on Elle.com

Anna on NE Failing St, Portland Oregon

I like to feel pulled together. I'm not afraid to mix color and pattern. I'm an artist and a mom so my clothes need to function for my lifestyle. My style tends toward bohemian. I sometimes look like a little Urban Red Riding-hood.
Anna Joyce, designer/owner Anna Joyce

necklace: Kate Spade
earrings: from Haunt
tank: J. Crew
sweater: Yoon
belt: Anthropologie
skirt: Madewell
shoes: Frye
 Kate Spade bag: thrifted

Grace on SW Washington, Portland Oregon

My style is city preppy. I'm from the south, so it's hard to take the preppiness out of the way I dress. If I could dress like a 14yr old prep school boy I would. I love a little bit of tomboy
Grace, founder of Design*Sponge

earrings: Melissa Joy Manning
shirt: Madewell
necklace: 19th century wax seal
jeans: American Eagle
shoes: Barney's co-op

Amy on SW Stark, Portland Oregon

I like a fairly clean silhouette. I don't do a lot of ruffles or frills. I love men's v-necks, and I always wear a heel. I'm really into menswear.
Amy, managing editor for Design*Sponge

earrings: Cat Bird Jewelry
necklaces: Jane Hollinger, and grandmother's
blazer: Diane Von Furstenberg
shirt: from Oak in NY
lipstick: Tarte Joy
jeans: Current/Elliott
shoes: Toms 
bracelet: grandmother's
nailpolish: Essie
bag: Arza Design

Jade on SE 48th Portland Oregon

I like to dress feminine and I typically include a pattern.
Jade Sheldon, illustrator / photographer

glasses: gift
shirt: Banana Republic
skirt: Gap
boots: thrifted
bag: Nine West

Andrew on NE 22nd Portland Oregon

I like to have one item that's colorful, but I try to keep it to just one thing.
Music/Web Software Developer

shirt: thrifted
jeans: Levis
shoes: thrifted

Myra at South Waterfront Portland Oregon

I like to pair flowy pieces with more structured pieces, like a loose top with jeans. I mix masculine with feminine pieces. I like things with a stylistic element. I love my clothes till they literally fall apart. 
Myra Callan, designer and owner of Twigs & Honey

vintage floral halo: Twigs & Honey
necklaces: Amy Wing, Lauren Haupt
shirts: Splendid
cami: Banana Republic
belt: Antropologie
jeans: Genetic Denim
shoes: Dolce Vita
bag: Monserat De Lucca

Ashley on Cesar E. Chavez, Portland Oregon

It's got to look good and not cost a lot. I like to dress with an edge. 
Ashley, server

shirt: Unif
Levis shorts: thrifted
Dingo boots: thrifted
bag: thrifted
glasses: thrifted
belt and jewelry: thrifted

Julia on N Beech, Portland Oregon

I look for items that are made well and compliment my shape. I go for solid colors and dress it up with accessories.
Julia, earning her masters in social work

sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
scarf: Spun 
tank: Free People
skirt: American Apparel 
belt: J Crew
bangles: Forever 21, Hawaii Art N' Flea
boots: thrifted