Kiersten on NE 41st Portland Oregon

I'm part classic and part bohemian in both my dress and my lifestyle.
Kiersten, metal smith jewelry designer / owner Kiersten Crowley

glasses: Spectacle Eyework
jewelry: Kiersten Crowley
jacket: thrifted
jeans: Levis
shoes: Urban Outfitters
bag: thrifted


  1. I'm sorry; I've been biting my tongue for a while now but it's time for honesty hour. The styles featured on this blog are some of the least interesting I've seen. I wouldn't give these people a second glance were I to pass them on the street and I certainly wouldn't stop to photograph them. Portland has many artful, innovative, ELEGANT dressers. Save one or two looks I've seen only frumpy, poorly curated outfits. Perhaps I should just unsubscribe and keep my mouth shut but I feel it's best to tell you what's up. I don't expect you to publish this but I just had to get it out there. Sorry for the reality check. Thanks.

  2. @Jacqueline

    If this blog and it's style is so uninteresting to you, why are you coming on here? The beauty of Portland is that it has ALL types of style, and most open-minded people celebrate that.

    People who go onto blogs and just talk trash need to find other ways to spend their time. I think that your comment is very rude both towards Lisa, the people she photographs.

    Sorry for the reality check.

  3. BTW, love the blog and how it highlights real people with thier own individual style-this post included.


  4. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    I think, perhaps, there is not enough booty here for Jacqueline.

    From her own interesting, and ELEGANT blog:

  5. I loooove the colors she layered! and those shoes are too cute.

  6. I love the layers she's sporting. Such a great combination. Also, I've been searching (albeit, not desperately yet) for a bag exactly like hers. Kiersten, may I please have your bag? At least the fact that it's thrifted gives me hope!

  7. The shoes are amazing!!

  8. Cute cute coat!!

  9. I agree with Jacqueline that the fashion on Urban Weeds isn't usually innovative. HOWEVER, that's not what I expect to see here. I love U.W. because Lisa gives the real face of Portland. Beautiful, creative, passionate, and wonderful people who make Portland what it is. Snobby, close-minded people who think it is cute and sassy to have a sh*tty attitude...well...please do unsubscribe. If you don't like what you see then why keep it up? The U.W. community doesn't care to have you. Shoo fly, shoo.

  10. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    Jacqueline = Wannabe fashionista with a boring blog who is upset she's never been featured on Urban Weeds. ; )

  11. @ Marie W.: Exactly.

    I am addicted to this blog because it focuses on...wait for it, wait for it: Portland Street Style. If you scroll up for just a second, you'll see that highlighted. I love that this blog allows me to people watch through a beautiful photographers eyes...and to notice things that I might not otherwise pay attention to. I love Portland and I love to love Portland - and this blog helps me increase my love every time she posts.

    As for Kiersten, I think chick metal smiths are hot. I also love her shoes. And her smile. And her just plain, humaneness, that was captured here.

  12. Jacqueline, you kind of freak me out. You seem to be missing out on the inherent beauty in the people Lisa captures...the inherent beauty in real life.

    "I wouldn't give these people a second glance were I to pass them on the street and I certainly wouldn't stop to photograph them". I don't particularly like to comment on other people, but in this case I will: You sound like a small-minded elitist snob. SO reality check for are offer the world nothing with such pettiness.

    I think you should step back and take a stark look at who you really are vs. who you think you are.