Sarah on SE Water Avenue in Portland Oregon

I add my own touch to vintage and thrift store finds.
Sarah, barista at Water Avenue Coffee

dress: thrifted in Idaho
cardigan: vintage with a pterodactyl patch sewn on from Sarah's old dinosaur blanket and buttons from her great grandmother's button collection
tights: DNKY
shoes: Aldo
belt: Native American souvenir shop in Montana
necklace: flea market in Philadelphia

by Lisa Warninger


  1. Sarah's pteradactyl patch makes me wish i were crafty. SO adorable!

  2. I first noticed Sarah's unique style just before her time at school in Eugene. She went thrifting before leaving for school and was excited to show me her new clothes. When she came out with a new "skirt" I was surprised to see it was a pillowcase (albeit with beautiful embroidery around the bottom). "you can't wear a pillowcase as a skirt!" I said - "In Eugene you can" was her response.---Sarah's mom

  3. love that cardigan sweater. also love her necklace.

  4. and ps- the yellow wall in the background looks really pretty with the green and red.

  5. RE Sarah's mom: Your comment made me laugh!

  6. The girl's got style! (I am not her mom : ) but could be!)