Kate on SE 26th, Portland

I wear red and green with reckless abandon. I love color, vintage pieces, and patterns. My dog is my only black accessory. I overdress for everything.
Kate, editor & works in catering

sweater: knit by Kate
coat: thrifted
gloves: vintage 1950's
skirt: red engine
tights: hue
boots: vintage Dexters
earrings: gift from mom
vintage rings: gifts from mom
bracelet: gift from mom
dog: Sitka, rescued by Kate

by Lisa Warninger


  1. She is darling! I love her pigtails.

  2. Adorable! Love the dainty gloves & sweet rescue dog.

  3. Gorgeous girl ... the shot of her laughing is a gem. Great style!

  4. Perfect! I love both shots but the genuine joy in that first one is fantastic!
    And man, does Portland have style!

  5. Love this! That first capture is amazing, what a joyous moment caught with your great timing. :)

  6. i love this joyful image! such a great moment captured.

  7. Just beautiful! She has fun style, but also a lovely spirit that you've captured here so well.

  8. Wow... you are all so sweet. Thanks all! Kate just makes me smile. I think she must make everyone smile.

  9. Loving your work. I've been following since you started the blog. I wrote up a little feature on it for my weekly inspiration post, hope you don't mind. http://micronhero.com/2011/01/14/things-that-inspire-me-01-14-11/

  10. It's true, Kate does make everyone smile. Ben Folds Five said it best, "She never gets wet, she smiles and it's a rainbow, I wanna be Kate!" And she holds her own in the funky vintage fashion world.

  11. I have the lucky fortune of knowing kate, and she is all the things people have said and so much more :)