Ashley on N Mississippi St

My style is sixties and seventies, I like to mix in current trends.
-Ashley, photographer

blouse: thrifted
shorts: from Korea
tights: Forever 21
shoes: Merona
bag: thrifted from Rock N' Rose
necklace: thrifted

Douglas on N Failing

I stick with classic New England style, casual and comfortable. I wear brown over black.
-Douglas, renaissance man

top: Levis
shorts: Banana Republic, vintage womens rolled up
loafers: Sperry
glasses: Ray Ban
ring: from Bangkok
bracelet: NY street vendor
bracelet: string from sweater

Lacy on SW Stark

Always simple, no logos, usually only black and white. My style is post modern punk.
-Lacy, PNCA graduate

tank: So Intimates
skirt: American Apparel
shoes: Toms
glasses: Sabatini from Hendrix & McGuire
belt: vintage
necklace: Juicy Couture, gift from mom
ring: gift
bracelet: made by Lacy

Rick on NW Upshur

I buy unique things that have a story. I also like to add in something surprising, like these shoes.
-Rick, creative director at Swift Collective

shirt: thrifted
pants: Balenciaga
shoes: Osborn, hand signed by the shoemaker
sunglasses: Persol
watch: passed down from grandfather
bike: Linus

Mackenzie on NE Failing St

I wear a lot of vintage, low maintenance, day dresses, and supplement them with unique accessories. 
- Mackenzie, artist & blogger of Secret Pocket

dress: thrifted
sweater: twiggy
shoes: thrifted
necklace: Mani Designs
glasses: See
ring: gift from husband

Maren on NW 18th

My style is basic with a little bit of spice. Sometimes it's simple (like the back of my shirt being a v as well...) sometimes it is more overt. 
- Maren, digital rockstar at Swift Collective

top: La Made, from Covet boutique
jeans: 7 for All Mankind
shoes: Toms
necklace: Tiffany & Co, gift from mom
M necklace: Nashelle
ring: gift from mom & dad
bag: Ellington, gift from mom
bike: Schwinn, gift from friends

Kristin on N Blandena St.

My style is eclectic and random, it's all about how I feel that day.
-Kristin, volunteer manager at Edgewood Center for Children and Families

dress: Convoy
shoes: Sofft
purse: Leather Rock
earrings: from Imeldas
sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
ring: gift from sister