Lauren on NE Blandena

I buy things that look interesting.
-Lauren, preschool teacher

dress: H&M
scarf: gift from friend
boots: Nine West
socks: Sock Dreams
bag: Foley + Corinna


  1. She is so cute. That scarf is beautiful.

  2. How fabulous! I'm a teacher as well, and I can safely say that this look represents the best in teacher chic.

  3. 1st photo: she is pretty and has the most perfect brows!!

    2nd photo: looks like a professional model.

  4. especially loving the socks + boots.

  5. another preschool teacher from portland named lauren - sounds like we have some things in common :).

    love this scarf and how effortless this entire look is.

  6. I'm not a scarf person at all, and yet her gorgeous scarf is mesmerizing me! I sort of can't take me eyes off of it, and yet there are so many other cool aspects to her outfit. Like the socks with the boots -- I've got to try that! And I'm in love with the bag too. Well done!

  7. Absolutely stunning woman; makes me wish I were still in PDX.