Neo G Yo on SE Stark

I like my style to embody fun while keeping it somewhat classic. I mix future thinking with retro... or what I call 'futro'.
- Neo G Yo, rapper

hat: Kangol
glasses: vintage
bowtie: vintage
shirt: H&M
sweatshirt: American Apparel
jacket: Brooklyn Industries
jeans: Wrath Arcane
shoes: Reebok 
ring: Sticks & Stones Accessories
relaxing bear sticker: Rilakkuma


  1. He was one of the models at Open Season, right? I loved his bow tie. such great style!

  2. Yes, he was! He modeled for Erhart.

  3. he was such a sassy pants modeling for erhart!!!

  4. Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I was checking the winner's circle over at the Bright Side Project, and you were listed as needing to claim your prize from the Modish giveaway. Since I've been a follower of your blog for awhile, I just wanted to spread this good news to you.

  5. What? I won something?! No way!
    Thank you Melissa!!!! I really appreciate you letting me know!