Kirsty on SE Ankeny

I dress classic, cute, comfy and sustainable. I want to look marvelous in everything I'm wearing, but if I can't pedal comfortably to the farmers' market, or flee frantically after a departing MAX train, I'm probably not going to wear it. It must be pretty and practical.

- Kirsty, nanny and student

dress: naked lady party
belt: modcloth
necklace: Forever 21
bracelet: thrifted
tights: Rite Aid
shoes: thrifted
arm warmers: Pearl Izumi
bag: vintage Gap
bike: Trek 528 touring


  1. I love her little bike carrying case and her red belt.

  2. Yaaaay - So glad Urban Weeds is back! Love the leather contrast on the bag.

  3. Stumbled across your site recently - what a great idea. I love her freckles here, very cute!

    Keep up the awesome work - I love it!

    - Amanda

  4. This outfit is pretty subtle, but exudes creativity and independence. And the bike is the perfect compliment!

  5. And good choice of coffee shops :)

  6. I really like the contrast of colors between the dress and the belt, it really makes it stand out.

  7. Love everything about this!