Jenelle on NE Alberta

I am attracted to comfortable, warm, and earthy modern. I have an Art degree and my main focus was weaving and natural dyes. My background in textiles helped me develop my  appreciation for quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

- Jenelle, Principal Broker at Living Room Realty

dress: Port 161
sweater: S Twelve
socks: from Harrods in London
boots: Fiorentini + Baker
belt: Banana Republic
earrings: from Idom
bracelet: Amy Buettner
watch: vintage Hamilton
wedding rings: Malcolm Betts, vintage french ring
purse: Jamin Puech


  1. stacey dressen mcqueenApril 30, 2010

    so pretty!!! lovely to see you here, Jenelle!

  2. this blog is amazing! love it very much! xoxo