Corrina on E Burnside

Comfortable, simple, classy and unique pieces. I like one of a kind pieces from one of a kind shops. Unique often equals more expensive unfortunately, but in the end I'll hopefully have it for a long time and I'll get a lot of mileage out of it.

- Corrina, Musician in band Tu Fawning

top: V Room
jacket: vintage
jeans: Levis
shoes: B Store
ring: Iosselliani
bracelet: vintage
earrings: AK Vintage
bag: vintage Marino Orlandi


  1. I wore my hair in braids like these today! Inspired by images in the new Lula magazine. Love this look!

  2. She's just the coolest. I love her platinum braids with camel colored pea coat. And those boots! Those boots!

  3. Love her style. She put into word how I feel about style in general. I want her bangs...

  4. I love that vintage camel coat - and those blonde braids are the cutest!