Brianne on NW 11th

I buy a lot of solids to layer, mix, and match. I enjoy putting my own spin on current trends.
- Brianne, 5th grade teacher

sunglasses: designer knock off
jacket: BDG
sweater-dress: Clovis
shirt: Stem
jeans: BDG
shoes: Toms
bag: Yak Pak
earrings: from a naked lady party
engagement ring: gift from boyfriend


  1. I'm all about jeans and dresses. It's almost spring so I'm suddenly too lazy for hosiery and too cold for bare legs. Perfect!

  2. Hello!

    I've stumbled upon your blog and looked through a few entries, I really love what you're doing here and how you've captured... humanity (I suppose you could call it).

  3. Thanks Linnykins! That's so sweet.