Jacob on SE 12th Ave

I love style that is classically American...from 50's juvenile delinquents to 70's Ralph Lauren.

-Jacob, jack of all trades

shirt: Ike Behar
sweater: Modern Amusement from Local 35
jacket: from Rad Summer
jeans: APC from Local 35
boots: from the bins
bag: Property Of...
tie: from the bins
ring: Red Light
bracelet: from a friend
pin: Red Light


  1. Love his style, very Portland, very laid back and trendy. I miss portland! (going to college at UO)
    I love this blog! Please post more! (how does one post pictures here/work for you? I would be very interested in working with you this summer/taking pictures/helping manage the blog!

  2. Love. Love. LOVE the quote, the style, everything.