Shop Owner: Stephanie of Noun

The common denominator with everything I wear and have in the shop is me. I think things that are feminine and girly, but also sophisticated.

-Stephanie, owner of Noun

shirt: hand me down from a friend
skirt: Banana Republic
boots: Biviel, from Shoefly
bracelet: Paper Treasure, from Noun
earrings: Tasi, from Noun
silver cuff: my signature piece, from Williamsburg in 1983 (I never take it off!)


  1. i love noun! one of my favorite shops..

  2. Aaargh, the shirt! The boots! I want! I need!

  3. love her look and love the shop!

  4. One of my favorite shops....adorable owner!

  5. I LOVE this blog... every photo is so very interesting. Fabulous how they start in black/white and then flash with color. Absolutely love this outfit--all of it and I bought the boots!! Stephanie just exudes style as far as I am concerned.