Francisca on NE Alberta St.

I am from Congo and I like to wear authentic dress from my country.


dress: from Holland created from fabric from Congo in traditional Congo style
pearl necklace: from Congo
shoes: Fred Meyer
earrings: gift


  1. Awh, beautiful! I love the pattern on that dress.

  2. great pattern on that dress!!!

  3. This dress has so many cool details that I didn't notice at first glance as I was taking in the amazing pattern. I love the cut of the shoulders and the interesting cut-out delicate neckline.

    thanks also for being more diverse in the past week or so - I really appreciate seeing stylish people of all ages, not just 20-something art students/baristas that seem to be taking over PDX.

  4. Hi Maija!

    I'm so glad you like our Weeds this week. We really do try our very best to get a diverse mix of people... but it's a lot harder then it seems. If you have any suggestions on where we should be going let us know! We would love to hear any ideas! :)

    - Lisa

  5. great post! love the site. hope i find you one of these days!

  6. She is beautiful and her dress is equally so.

  7. Have just bumped into your blog and had to stop to say: loving the photography and the personalities...

  8. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    Love this woman! She is the most authentic person here, every one else is just trying too hard.

  9. I always have to pipe in on the "trying too hard" comments. I fully disagree. I feel that one should "try" to look presentable upon leaving the house. I applaud personal style. Everyone on Urban Weeds is authentic. Everyone has their own culture and style. Everyone on the site makes an attempt to look nice when they walk out the front door. Kudos to all of them.